Zonr - Plant Proximity Safety

Every year too many workers are killed on injured through unneccessary contact with plant and machinery on contruction sites and beyond. Zonr provides a dynamic virtual barrier intended to warn workers and plant operators of incursion into exclusion zones.

Zonr Plant Proximity Solution

Zonr has been designed and built using Pathfindr’s technology expertise as well as with advice from rail maintenance experts QTS Group. The solution uses Ultra Wide Band signals to create a virtual barrier around dangerous plant.

Both the plant operator and the worker are alerted as soon as an incursion occurs. 

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Simple to install, easier to operate

The Zonr plant proximity safety solution is super simple to install and even easier to operate.

The control unit and any sensors are attached to the plant and then synced using a mobile phone. Then any Zonr wearable device will trigger an incursion alert – warning both the plant operator and the worker.   

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