GPS Tracking for Industry

Our Smart GPS provides global coverage for our Real-time Asset tracking platform. It uses a combination of methods to locate your assets including GPS, Cell and Lora-WAN.  With a long rechargeable battery, our Smart GPS is the perfect way to track your assets globally. 

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking is a satellite-based navigation system that allows users to determine the approximate location (usually within a few meters) of a device equipped with GPS. This system works by triangulating the signals from multiple satellites orbiting the Earth, providing real-time location data to the device.

With global coverage, GPS tracking ensures that devices can be located anywhere on the planet, regardless of geographical or environmental conditions. This universal tracking capability has revolutionised industries, making transportation, communication, and safety operations more efficient and reliable.

What Makes Our GPS Smart?

Pathfindr’s Smart GPS tracker does a lot more than just your standard tracking and location. Embedded in the unit are sensors for location, humidity, temperature, impact, and motion data. By utilising the sophisticated features of our online portal, you can gain assurance in tracking the whereabouts and condition of your assets from any global location.

Pathfindr's Smart GPS Asset Tracker

Simply place the unit on your machine (in an area that vibrates most) and leave the rest to us.

Never run out of battery power again with the built in USB-C charging port. 

Choose how and when your alerts are triggered and who is notified.

Seamless interaction with our indoor location tracking using Bluetooth technology.

Monitor temperature conditions remotely for sensitive assets.

See all your assets data in one online portal.

Using a universal sim-card that connects to any provider network, you’ll never lose sight of your asset.

Industrial Asset tracking using Smart GPS

Supply Chain Transport

What can I track with the Smart GPS unit?

You can track almost anything you need to, but the most common uses are:

• High-value Equipment (e.g electronics)

• Modular Homes

• Machinery

• Industrial Tooling

• Stillages and Pallets

• Shipping Containers

 Automotive Components

 Aerospace Stands

More Than Just GPS Location

Pathfindr’s GPS+ tracker does a lot more than just your standard tracking and location. Embedded in the unit are sensors for location, humidity, temperature, impact, and motion data

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Every GPS unit comes equipped with built-in temperature and humidity sensors, offering you instant insights into the ambient conditions surrounding your valuable assets. 

With Pathfindr’s intuitive portal, not only can you monitor real-time data on temperature, humidity, and dew point on an hourly basis, but you can also set up tailored alerts for specific temperature and humidity thresholds. Ensure your asset’s optimal condition by receiving timely notifications and keeping relevant personnel informed. 

Impact and Motion Sensors (with built in alerts)

Enhanced with dual accelerometers, our GPS units provide detailed motion and impact data, ensuring you’re always in the know about the treatment of your assets. Whether it’s understanding the frequency of movement or detecting any unexpected knocks and bumps, you can now monitor your asset’s every shift. 

Should your assets experience any undue impacts, rest easy knowing that real-time alerts will promptly notify the right individuals.

Benefits of Smart GPS Tracking

Operational Benefits

Location Tracking

Understanding the exact whereabouts of every asset in your network is paramount in asset management. Without precise location data, you risk wasting time and resources as staff scramble to find misplaced items. Such oversights can also disrupt production timelines, delivery schedules, and overall operational efficiency.

A dependable asset tracking system offers up-to-the-minute location insights, ensuring you can swiftly pinpoint and access any asset, thereby optimising workflows and reducing the chances of lost items.

Motion and Impact Analysis

Analysing the movement of assets provides crucial information about their handling and condition. By examining the treatment of your assets, you can determine whether they reach their destinations intact. Leveraging this data empowers you to make knowledgeable choices regarding transportation, packaging, and the preservation of asset quality. 

Temperature and Humidity Data

Monitoring the temperature and humidity levels of assets offers essential insights into their environmental conditions. By assessing these factors, you can ascertain if assets are maintained within optimal parameters during transit. Utilising this data allows you to make informed decisions about storage, packaging, and ensuring the longevity and quality of your assets.

Commercial Benefits
Cost Savings: Lost or stolen assets represent a direct financial loss. With real-time tracking, you can quickly recover assets, reducing replacement costs. 
Improved Asset Usage: Asset tracking allows companies to understand usage patterns. This data can inform decisions about asset acquisition, maintenance schedules, and even retirement of underutilised assets, ensuring maximum ROI.
Value-added Proposition for Customers: For companies that rent out assets, offering Smart GPS units can be a significant value-added sell. Consumers are more likely to rent from a provider that allows them to track the assets they’ve rented in real-time. This not only gives them peace of mind but also enhances their user experience.
Risk Management: Real-time tracking can alert companies to unauthorised use or movements of assets, enabling swift action. This reduces the risk of theft or misuse, safeguarding the company’s investments.
Data-driven Decision Making: The data gathered from asset tracking can provide insights into consumer behaviour, asset performance, and potential market trends. This information can be invaluable for strategic planning and forecasting.

What makes Pathfindr's Smart GPS Stand Out?

Introducing our state-of-the-art Smart GPS Tracker, designed to offer global coverage without breaking the bank. This robust device is not just a GPS tracker; it’s an all-in-one asset management solution. With global GPS asset location tracking and indoor tracking via Bluetooth, you’ll always know where your assets are. 

The tracker also offers equipment activity and runtime monitoring, remote temperature monitoring, and intelligent maintenance management. For those concerned with operation and handling, the device enforces guidelines and protocols, making it ideal for fleet management. Geo-Fencing and alerts add an extra layer of security, ensuring your assets are exactly where they should be.

GPS3 tracker



• ARM® Cortex™-M4F CPU / 64kb RAM

• 1Mbit Flash memory

• 192-bit AES HW encryption


• Temperature (±1 °C (max), –10 to 85 °C)

• Accelerometer (Max 16G detection)

• Optional 300G impact detection

• Pressure / Altitude



• Global 2G & LTE

• 2.4Ghz BLE Radio stack

GPIO & Peripheral Ports

• 1x I2C expansion channel

• 4x GPIO (configurable as UART)

• 1x ADC (12-Bit)


• Rechargeable 4000mAh battery (via USB)

• Up to 5 years lifespan (subject to broadcast frequency)

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