Vibration Machine Monitoring: The Future of Predictive Maintenance

In today’s fast-paced industrial environment, machine downtime can be a costly affair. Vibration Machine Monitoring offers a ground breaking solution to this age-old problem. By leveraging advanced vibration sensors and analytics, we provide real-time runtime monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities. 

What is Vibration Machine Monitoring?

Monitoring Runtime Data

Vibration Machine Monitoring captures runtime data from various types of machines by analysing whether they are on or off via their vibrations. This data is then fed back to the online portal and collated in a simple to use graph.

Condition Based Monitoring

Condition monitoring will allow us to capture vibration signatures from machines. These signatures will be instrumental in assessing the health of the machine, thereby enabling predictive maintenance.

Types of Data Measured

Accelerometer Vibration Data 

Our units have a built in accelerometer that measures the vibration of the assets. The force caused by a vibration (change in motion) sends an electrical signal to the unit that is registered. This can then be interpreted by our portal as the machine is moving/powered on/in use – as seen in the graph. 

Types of Machines Monitored

Runtime data
CNC machine runtime monitoring

Runtime Vibration Monitoring

We can monitor a variety of machines including: 

• Industrial washing machines

• CNC machines

• Pumps and motors

• Industrial tooling machines

• Water pumps

• Heaters and ovens

 CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

Benefits of Vibration Machine Monitoring

Operational Benefits

Runtime monitoring offers valuable usage data, enabling companies to plan maintenance based on actual usage rather than a set schedule. This data can also inform decisions about asset utilisation and purchasing.

Commercial Benefits
From a commercial standpoint, runtime monitoring can serve as a unique selling point (USP) for organisations, especially those that rent out equipment.

Vibration Monitor Product Information

Introducing our state-of-the-art GPS 3 Tracker, designed to offer global coverage without breaking the bank. This robust device is not just a GPS tracker; it’s an all-in-one asset management solution. With global GPS asset location tracking and indoor tracking via Bluetooth, you’ll always know where your assets are. 

The tracker also offers equipment activity and runtime monitoring, remote temperature monitoring, and intelligent maintenance management. For those concerned with operation and handling, the device enforces guidelines and protocols, making it ideal for fleet management. Geo-Fencing and alerts add an extra layer of security, ensuring your assets are exactly where they should be.

GPS3 tracker

Key Features

Simply place the unit on your machine (in an area that vibrates most) and leave the rest to us.

Never run out of battery power again with the built in USB-C charging port. 

Choose how and when your alerts are triggered and who is notified.

Seamless interaction with our indoor location tracking using Bluetooth technology.

Monitor temperature conditions remotely for sensitive assets.

See all your assets data in one online portal.



• ARM® Cortex™-M4F CPU / 64kb RAM

• 1Mbit Flash memory

• 192-bit AES HW encryption


• Temperature (±1 °C (max), –10 to 85 °C)

• Accelerometer (Max 16G detection)

• Optional 300G impact detection

• Pressure / Altitude



• Global 2G & LTE

• 2.4Ghz BLE Radio stack

GPIO & Peripheral Ports

• 1x I2C expansion channel

• 4x GPIO (configurable as UART)

• 1x ADC (12-Bit)


• Rechargeable 4000mAh battery (via USB)

• Up to 5 years lifespan (subject to broadcast frequency)

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Don’t let machine downtime grind your operations to a halt! 

With our cutting-edge Vibration Runtime Monitoring, you can transform the way you manage your assets. We offer real-time insights into machine usage, allowing you to plan maintenance proactively and optimise efficiency like never before. 

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Machine runtime monitoring

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