UWB Asset Tracking

UWB (or Ultra-wideband) asset tracking is fast becoming a force within the asset tracking arena.

What is UWB asset tracking?

Similar to Bluetooth, the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology gives devices the ability to determine their location when they are close to each other.

This means it may be used for a wide variety of location-based services, such as the indoor location of assets, wayfinding inside venues, as well as contextual notifications.

Indoor Asset Tracking

How accurate is UWB asset tracking for positioning?

Indoor positioning with Ultra-wideband has some significant advantages: Compare Pathfindr’s sub-metre UWB location accuracy to Bluetooth (5-10 meters) or Wi-Fi (5-15 meters). With this level of accuracy, time to find is significantly reduced.

Pathfindr’s UWB beacons also collect valuable environmental and motion data, all visible in the portal and via the API.

How does UWB location work?

UWB tracking uses distance measurement via time-of-flight (abbreviated to ToF) to precisely measure location. The Detector listens for signals from the UWB Beacons attached to the assets being tracked.

The detector calculates the assets location based on how long it takes for pulses of radio wave signals to travel from the UWB Beacon to the UWB Detector. In this way, UWB asset tracking solution delivers precise indoor UWB positioning.

Is UWB tracking secure?

At present, UWB is the only commercially available wireless technology that delivers highly accurate and highly precise locations.  UWB tracking delivers fine-ranging measurements, while also supporting high-level security to protect access credentials and data communications. In short, it provides a highly accurate and secure asset tracking option.

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