UWB Asset Tracking

UWB (or Ultra-wideband) asset tracking is fast becoming a force within the asset tracking arena. It benefits from greater accuracy as well as being able to determine height too.

What is UWB tracking?

Similar to Bluetooth, the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology gives devices the ability to determine their location when they are close to each other.

This means it may be used for a wide variety of location-based services, such as the indoor location of assets, wayfinding inside venues, as well as contextual notifications.

How accurate is UWB for positioning?

Indoor positioning with Ultra-wideband has some significant advantages: Firstly, the accuracy is 10-30 cm, which is considerably better than when working with Bluetooth (5-10 meters) or Wi-Fi (5-15 meters).

Also, latency time (i.e. the time between when the data is collected and uploaded) is very low with position requests of up to 100 times/second. Finally, height differences can be measured accurately.

How does UWB location work?

UWB asset tracking uses distance measurement via time-of-flight (abreviated to ToF) to precisely measure location.

The detector calculates location based on how long it takes for pulses of radio wave signals to travel from one device to another.

Is UWB secure?

At present, UWB is the only commercially available wireless technology that delivers highly accurate and highly precise location and fine ranging measurements, while also supporting high-level security to protect access credentials and data communications.

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