Tool management

To counter challenges of availability and condition, the Pathfindr Tool Management module provides users with access to key data on vital tools. Whether location, maintenance status or booking, this can all be done via the Pathfindr web portal.


  • Instantly find tools with customisable searches and an easy-to-use, browser-based map to reduce wasted search time.
  • Improve process efficiency by correctly staging tools and equipment for your processes. 


  • Create alerts for tools based on status or location, such as tools overdue maintenance, stored incorrectly or roaming outside of designated zones.
  • Use dashboards to measure tool use over time and within spaces, and ensure adherence to maintenance or calibration schedules.
The welding arm on the automobile production line is being welded

Tool location

Complex, manual processes depend on the availability of the right tools and equipment, in the right place at the right time. Often tools are staged incorrectly or not returned to storage areas, putting them at risk of being lost or damaged.

Pathfindr’s tool management module reduces wasted search time and helps coordinate the correct staging of equipment.

  • Quickly find tools on a digital map of your facility
  • Create searches based on tool location and status
  • Easily see the real-time location and status of all tools

Track tool status and use

The use of high-value shared equipment can be uncoordinated, causing increased costs and errors from inefficient or incorrect use of equipment.

Pathfindr’s tool management module ensures important maintenance and calibration schedules are met and tools are staged and used correctly, improving quality and use.

  • Easily create alerts for tools or equipment that are due (or overdue) maintenance or calibration but still in use
  • Use dashboards of actual tool use over time and within
    defined spaces to identify better ways to stage, manage and coordinate equipment
  • Trigger maintenance based on actual tool usage to reduce costs and improve quality

The Pathfindr difference

Real-time Asset Intelligence

Go beyond RTLS with real-time location, environmental, usage, maintenance and process data.

Single view of your assets

Get a single view of tools both indoor, outdoor, and globally, to aid tool maintenance and optimisation.

Increased tool and resource use

Optimise tool usage and minimise waste by eliminating unnecessary tools and the associated cost.

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