Stillage Tracking with Smart Stillage

Each year hundreds of thousands of pounds are lost due to misplaced Stillages. Stillage Tracking allows companies to minimise losses as well as optimise the use and care of carried assets, saving millions each year.

What is Stillage Tracking?

Manufacturing & warehousing businesses using stillages for storage, operations & transport. Businesses are often faced with a frequent significant, cost to replace items lost during the course of business.

Often these missing assets are not lost and are a result of the absence of an effective tracking system.

Why is Stillage Tracking important?

The occasional loss of stillages may be acceptable. However, misplacing a number, from multiple sites quickly amounts to a significant impact on organisation.

Often this results in the loss of tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds each year in replacements or delayed orders.

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Smart Stillage in partnership with Lowe UK

Working in partnership with a leading stillage manufacturer Lowe UK, Pathfindr has developed a suite of flexible solutions that can be tailored to overcome these challenges.

Importantly these solutions are also compatible with our wider asset-tracking suite of solutions.

Pathfindr develops Smart Stillage with Lowe UK

How does stillage tracking work?

With Smart Stillage, a Pathfindr asset tracker is attached to the Stillage. Depending on whether the Stillage needs to be tracked over a small area (indoor and outdoor) or over larger distances Bluetooth (BLE) or GPS can be used.

With BLE Beacons the asset is located and the data is uploaded to the Pathfindr Platform via a wireless Detector network. With our GPS+ tracker this is done directly.

Environmental as well as Location data

In addition to locating the Stillage, the Stillage Tracker provides data about ambient temperature and humidity as well as recording any movement.

This information is accessed via the Pathfindr Platform which is also where additional data can be accessed. The Platform will also allow you to track and monitor any other asset a Pathfinfdr tracking Beacon is attached to.

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