Solving IBC Shortages: Pathfindr’s Advanced Chemical Management

Chemical IBC

Solving IBC Shortages: Pathfindr's Advanced Chemical Management

The chemical industry, with its vast and intricate supply chains, often deals with the challenge of efficiently managing its returnable containers. These containers, ranging from totes and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to cylinders and tonner cylinders, play an important role in the distribution of various chemicals. However, without a robust management system, companies can find themselves oscillating between an overflow of unused containers and a shortage when new orders come in. 

Safety First

Safety is also paramount in the chemical industry. These returnable containers, which often house hazardous or reactive chemicals, must be meticulously tracked to ensure they are in optimal condition. Each container needs to be cleaned thoroughly before each use, well-maintained to prevent leaks or breaches, and adequately documented to maintain a clear record of its contents and history. This rigorous process is not just about maintaining industry standards but also about ensuring the safety of the workforce and the end consumers. 

As global industries pivot towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices, the emphasis on using returnable containers is intensifying. The chemical sector, being a large contributor to industrial waste, is under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Returnable containers, when managed efficiently, can significantly reduce waste, making them an essential tool in the industry’s move towards sustainability. 

Enter Pathfindr. Recognising the challenges faced by the chemical industry, Pathfindr has developed advanced solutions to track and manage returnable chemical IBC containers. Their SMART IBC Fluid Level monitor is not just another tracking tool; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to address the unique challenges posed by returnable chemical containers.   

So, what are the tangible benefits of integrating Pathfindr’s SMART IBC Soluton? 

Operational Transformation: Efficient container management can improve business operations, ensuring that the right number of containers are available at the right time, reducing downtime.  

Impressive ROI: With reduced wastage, optimised operations, and enhanced safety standards, companies can expect a strong return on their investment.  

Visibility of Usage: With real-time fluid level monitoring, companies can have a bird’s-eye view of their container fleet, ensuring optimal utilisation and timely maintenance.  

Environmental Data

Pathfindr’s suite of modules is designed to offer a holistic solution: 

  • Fluid Level Monitoring: Stay updated on the contents of each container, ensuring timely refills and preventing overflows. 
  • Location Tracking: Never lose track of a container again. Whether it’s in the warehouse or in transit, know exactly where each container is. 
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Ensure the contents of each container are stored under optimal conditions, maintaining their efficacy and preventing any adverse reactions.
  • Impact Detection: In the event of accidents or rough handling, be instantly alerted to check the container’s integrity. 
All these features are integrated into a user-friendly customer tracking portal. For businesses with existing systems, Pathfindr also offers API access, ensuring smooth integration and data flow. 


As the chemical industry evolves and grows, the challenges of managing returnable containers will only intensify. Solutions like Pathfindr’s SMART IBC Fluid Level monitor are not just tools but essential partners in ensuring safety, efficiency, and sustainability. 

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