Smart Stillages with Lowe UK

Working in partnership with a leading stillage manufacturer Lowe UK, Pathfindr has developed a suite of flexible solutions that can be tailored to overcome these challenges. Importantly these solutions are also compatible with our wider asset-tracking suite of solutions.

Pathfindr develops Smart Stillage with Lowe UK

How does Smart Stillage tracking work?

With Smart Stillage, a Pathfindr asset tracker is attached to the Stillage. Depending on whether the Stillage needs to be tracked over a small area (indoor and outdoor) or over larger distances Bluetooth (BLE) or GPS can be used.

With BLE Beacons the asset is located and the data is uploaded to the Pathfindr Platform via a wireless Detector network. With our GPS+ 3 tracker this is done directly.

Who are Lowe UK?

Lowe UK are a family run business that specialises in manufacturing high-quality stillages, cages, trolleys and other material handling products. All their products are manufactured in the UK, ensuring the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship.

What sets Lowe UK apart?

Problem Solving

Firstly, over many years Lowe have worked closely with thier clients in providing solutions to their complex material handling storage/trolley etc. requirements. Problem solving is our strength, whatever the issue Lowe can provide a solution.


Lowe deliver a complete solution to your material handling requirements. From your initial concept, Lowe produce a detailed 3D design, working with you all the way through the design process, until reaching an agreed drawing.


Lowe’s purpose-built production facility is based in the heart of Staffordshire. Lowe custom build every fabrication, taking the steel from its rawest state straight through to a high-quality product. Their fabrications are built by skilled engineers to last. During every stage of the production process our products are inspected to ensure the highest standards.

Long Term Relationships

Lowe pride themselves not only on just providing the perfect product/ solution, but the relationship that they have with their customers for the foreseeable future. If you have any issues or problems that need solving further down the line, Lowe will always be here to assist.

Smart Stillage Beacon

Why use a Smart Stillage?

Let’s say you lose a stillage designed to move car doors from zone 1 to zone 2. Not only do you have to replace it, but you also face the cost of not being able to move your doors. To avoid future issues, you might decide to purchase extra stillages, but then you have to deal with the space they take up.

Stillages can cost between £1- £10k a pop; when you factor in replacement costs, administration, and a lot of faffing – this all adds up. 

So why not just track them instead?

We have partnered with Lowe UK to create a special, secure compartment to house the beacon without affecting the stillage.

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