Smart IBC Tracking and Monitoring

Pathfindr provides a non-intrusive, zero-maintenance IBC monitoring and tracking solution for the petro-chemical industry.

Smart IBC tracking and monitoring solution

Pathfindr’s non-intrusive rigid intermediate bulk container (IBC) tracking and monitoring solution allows customers to not only understand where their rigid IBCs are, the temperature that they’re experiencing, but also the level of the fluid that the IBC contains.

The location, movement, temperature and fluid level are uploaded near real-time for access via the Pathfindr Cloud Platform.

Smart IBC

How does the Smart IBC tracking solution work?

Our radar device is attached to the exterior top surface of the IBC. The radar sensor measures the volume of material in the IBC.

The Smart IBC provides GPS location, temperature and micro movement and uploads the data to the Pathfindr Real-time Asset Intelligence Platform.

Pathfindr's Smart IBC tracking solution

Most IBC’s provide volume marks to gauge IBC fill level. These are often hard to read and rely on guesswork. They are also reliant on warehouse staff locating IBC’s, removing from racking, and taking readings – stocktakes can be time consuming activities.

With Pathfindr’s IBC monitoring solution, the location, movement, temperature and fluid-level are access and displayed on the platform. The data can also be exported to another system using our Restful API.

The Ultimate Guide to IBC and Fluid Level Monitoring

Find out how IBC and fluid level monitoring can help improve your overall operational efficiency. Read our full guide to find out:

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  • Common Challenges That IBC Monitoring Helps Solve
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Inventory Management

Avoid running out or having too much product in stock by monitoring the levels of your IBC's.

Supply Chain Forecasting

Connected consumption data flow through to supply chain forecast. Accurately forecast with true data from a single point.

Single view of your assets

Get a single view of your IBC's and assets both indoor and outdoor, globally, to aid resource optimisation.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor the environmental conditions of IBC's, whether in situ or in transit.

Operational Efficiency

Make refilling easier and minimise interruptions through configurable online portal alerts when your stock runs low.

Reduced loss and scrappage

Ensure you know where your IBC's are at all times during transit and return - reducing your scrappage and resupply costs.

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Some industries we serve

Pathfindr’s non-intrusive rigid IBC tracking solution is designed to support a number of industries that use IBC’s to transport and store both liquids and solids. These include;


Paints, Dyes & Inks

Petroleum & Lubricants

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