Smart IBC Tracking and Monitoring

Pathfindr provides a non-intrusive, zero-maintenance IBC monitoring and tracking solution for the petro-chemical industry.

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Smart Fluid Level Monitor

Pathfindr’s Smart Fluid Level Monitor is compatible with any container featuring a plastic top. By positioning it on an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container), we transform an ordinary item into a tech-savvy one – Meet the Smart IBC!

Smart IBC

How does the Smart IBC tracking solution work?

Within the Smart Fluid Level Monitor, our radar device measures its volume, and in tandem with our GPS unit, which automatically sends data to the cloud, it delivers details on location, temperature, humidity, impact and motion, making it completely non-intrusive.

The Pathfindr Cloud Platform, which is browser-based, supports an unlimited number of business units and users.


How to Install your Smart IBC Fluid Level Monitor

Benefits of Fluid Level Monitoring

Benefits of Using Smart IBC

Automated Stock Management

Optimised Reordering

With automated monitoring, you can set thresholds that trigger reorders, ensuring that you never run out of stock or overstock, leading to potential wastage.


Automation in stock management reduces the need for manual checks, which can be time-consuming and prone to human error. This ensures that inventory levels are always accurate and up-to-date.

Cost Savings

By maintaining optimal stock levels, businesses can reduce holding costs and potential losses from expired or degraded lubricants and fluids.

Enhance Customer Experience

Personalised Service

By understanding customer usage and preferences, businesses can offer tailored recommendations, enhancing the customer’s experience and potentially increasing sales.

Value Proposition

Being able to offers this insight data to your end users is a benefit to your business model, helping you grow and retain market share.

Proactive Support

Monitoring can also detect anomalies in usage patterns allowing you to discuss it with the customer.

Analyse Usage Patterns

Predictive Analysis

By understanding how and when customers use products, businesses can forecast future demand more accurately, leading to better production and inventory planning.

Consumption Analysis

Insights into consumption can highlight patterns, allowing businesses to better understand usage during peak times or introduce new processes that align with observed trends.

Product Development

Recognising patterns can also guide R&D efforts, leading to the development of products that better meet customer needs.

Faster Invoicing

Faster Revenue Recognition

Immediate confirmation of delivery and pump-off allows for quicker invoicing, which can improve cash flow.

Reduced Disputes

Real-time delivery confirmation minimises potential disputes over whether or when a delivery was made, leading to smoother customer relationships.

Enhanced Trust

Transparent and prompt invoicing practices can enhance trust between the supplier and the customer, fostering long-term business relationships.

Minimised Container Losses

Asset Protection

Containers, especially specialised ones for lubricants and fluids, can be expensive. Monitoring ensures that they are tracked and returned, protecting the company’s assets.

Environmental Responsibility

Proper container management can reduce the risk of spills or leaks, which can have environmental implications. This not only protects the environment but also shields the company from potential legal liabilities.

Cost Efficiency

Reducing container losses means fewer replacements, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Condition Monitoring

IBC Life Tracking

Smart IBC Monitor can help inform factors that influence IBC Lifespan, thereby increasing it.

Tamper Monitoring

Track tamper events and identify whether IBCs have been re-filled with contaminants or have been incorrectly filled. 

Ensure Stock Quality

Ensure a clear, concise audit trail of IBC data, including temperature readings, humidity, impact/leaks, re-fill and time taken to find.

Delivery Management

Proactive Logistics

Proactively engage with logistics teams to keep them informed of inbound goods.

Better Manage Expectations

More accurate prediction of ETA for future orders.

Analyse Liability

Identify the location where any damages occurred / left in poor condition.

The Ultimate Guide to IBC and Fluid Level Monitoring

Find out how IBC and fluid level monitoring can help improve your overall operational efficiency. Read our full guide to find out:

  • Understanding the Value of IBC & Fluid Level Monitoring
  • Common Challenges That IBC Monitoring Helps Solve
  • Selecting the best solution for your IBC’s
  • Asset Tracking For IBC Usage
  • Frequently Asked Questions about IBC monitoring, tracking and more.

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Some industries we serve

Pathfindr’s non-intrusive rigid IBC tracking solution is designed to support a number of industries that use IBC’s to transport and store both liquids and solids. These include;


Paints, Dyes & Inks

Petroleum & Lubricants

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