Safe Distancing Assistant

The Pathfindr Safe Distancing Assistant (SDA) was developed to ensure users kept away from other users while in enclosed spaces. We have sold almost 50,000 to companies throughout the UK and around the world.

Help staff and visitors stay safe

The SDA works like a virtual shield, giving staff and visitors an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. 

Social distancing becomes second nature as the SDA gives you a gentle reminder when wearers are too close. Staff are kept safer and businesses are less likely to close due to staff sickness.

Our light, discreet device emits a short audible or vibrating alert when another wearer comes closer than 2 metres (or your preferred distance). The solution is a small, simple device that will last for the working week before needing recharging.

Tens of thousands of units have been sold worldwide and are worn by people in all kinds of settings – everything from huge factories and construction sites to small offices. 

Simple to use, straight out of the box

No complicated set up. No software to install. No need for any infrastructure or connectivity.

Pathfindr’s Safe Distancing Assistant works straight out of the box and is up and running within seconds.

  • Long lasting protection with 5 days of continuous use on a single charge

  • The device can be deployed inside or outside to assist with training and reinforcement of social distancing

  • The smart device is activated when worn, so there is no need to remember to turn it on and off

  • Hygienic and rugged, with a belt clip and lanyard option for attachment

One-off, low cost. No subscription

Order yours today through our shop or contact us to discuss your requirements. Online orders dispatch in 5-7 working days with next-day delivery; larger orders will be given a delivery time estimate on receipt of purchase order.

The devices come with a 1 year warranty and all UK-based customer service and support is provided free of charge.

The device is priced at £59.99 per unit and we are able to offer discounts for larger orders:

Over 1,000 – £58.99 per unit
Over 2,500 – £57.99 per unit
Over 5,000 – £56.99 per unit
Over 10,000 – POA


  • Audible or vibrating alert

  • Only operational when worn

  • Hygienic, wipe clean

  • Can be worn on lanyard

  • 360 degree detection field

  • Adjustable distance threshold

  • Very low power, safe to wear

  • Low profile, lightweight form factor

  • Coolant and oil resistant

  • Rechargeable, 4-5 day battery life

  • USB charging cable supplied

Technical details

  • Low Power Ultra-wideband. Much more reliable and accurate than Bluetooth distancing products

  • 3.5ghz (Radio TX frequency)

  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery

  • Small form factor (80x60x25mm)

  • IP54 enclosure

  • ROHS compliant

  • All components CE / FCC certified

  • No personal data stored on device

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The device measures 80 x 60 x 25mm and weighs 88 grams.

The devices can be set to detect at a range of 1.0 to 30.0 metres. Devices will be pre-configured to 2.0 metres prior to shipping.

Yes, the range for each device can be changed by the customer. This will be useful where distancing guidelines change as a result of an update in Government policy.

No set-up is required. Simply turn on the device when you receive them and nothing else is needed!

No, the Safe Distancing Assistant is completely self contained.

The devices can be set to either emit a short audible alarm and/or vibration.

Yes, the user can choose between high/medium/low volume settings or select vibration only.

Yes, the device is rechargeable. One charge will last 4 to 5 days.

Devices can be recharged in around 3 to 4 hours using the included USB cable. You will need to plug it into a USB charger or port with power.

Low power Ultra-wideband (UWB) – 3.5Ghz.

Devices do not need to be assigned to an individual, so it is possible to share between users, e.g. across shifts. However, due to Covid-19 remaining on surfaces for several days, we strongly recommend the devices are sanitised before change of user.

The device is IP54 rated, meaning they’re protected from light splashing such as rain but must not be submerged in liquid. We recommend wiping with a damp cloth and disinfectant.

Not at the moment but this may be something we develop in the future.

Our advice at this time is to exempt people with a pacemaker from wearing the device.

On our standard devices, there is no tracking of individuals or data stored on the device. If this is something you require please do contact us to find out more.

No. The 3.5Ghz frequency has been specifically chosen to be separate from other equipment frequencies.

Devices cost £59.99 each with discounts available for larger order volumes.
Over 1000 – £58.99 per unit
Over 2500 – £57.99 per unit
Over 5000 – £56.99 per unit
Over 10000 – POA

Additional costs include shipping to your chosen destination(s) plus all custom charges and local taxes (e.g. VAT).

Online card payment or BACS transfer.

This depends on order volume and customer location. A bespoke quote can be provided on request.

Yes, for orders over 1000 devices you can have your own branding on the device. We will provide this as part of the production process. The label will include a small ‘Powered by’ logo.

Our UK-based technical support team are available to handle any queries or issues.

There is a one year warranty period for all devices.

Our UK-based technical support team are available to handle any queries or issues.

We are open to discussing such commercial relationships. Please contact us for more information.

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