RTLS for Automotive Industry

Imagine having full visibility of your shop floor, wherever you are in the world

Our agile solutions are ideal for fast-paced industries. Seamless integration with legacy systems means easy adoption for every organisation. Find your hidden factory fast and iron out inefficiencies in your operation.

Free human intelligence

Take the grunt work out of your employee’s day-to-day—whether searching for tools or chasing up a vital part—and free them up to be more productive.

Transform raw data into invaluable insights

Gather a rich set of location and environmental data and gain insight into asset movement and work in progress, find what you need fast, and improve your flow.

End to end asset tracking

Using Pathfindr’s Real-time Asset Intelligence platform, assets can be tracked throughout the logistics process around the world. It not only answers the question of where it is, but also of what the environmental conditions that the asset endures are, including temperature, moisture and shock. 

The pilot installation was fully installed in one day with no disruption to production


  • Indoor accuracy within a metre
  • Customer-led development roadmap
  • Long battery life
  • No infrastructure requirements

software screenshot

The Pathfindr difference

Real-time Asset Intelligence

Go beyond RTLS with real-time location, environmental, usage and process data. Minimise insurance claims and premiums.

Single view of your assets

Get a single view of work in progress and assets both indoor and outdoor, globally, to aid resource optimisation.

Increased asset use / lean operation

Optimise asset usage and minimise waste through elimination of unnecessary resource and associated cost.

Reduced loss and scrappage

Improved efficiency and a precision location service means reduced loss as well as lower energy and emissions.

Increased velocity / just in time

Greatly reduce ‘time to find’ by locating orders, parts, fixtures and tooling - ensuring items are available when needed.

New digital business models

Use data accessibility to drive recurring (subscription) income-based revenue models.

We’ve been trying for years to get this type of plant insight. Now we have it at our fingertips

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