Real-time Asset Intelligence

Real-time Asset Intelligence allows organisations to shine a light in the deepest recesses of their businesses, whether within their facilities or when assets are moving between them. In this way the power of digital visibility can be used to improve efficiency and safety whilst also reducing waste.

What is Real-time Asset Intelligence?

Real-time Asset Intelligence goes way beyond Real-time Location Systems (see our Ultimate Guide to Real-time Location Systems) by not only identifying the location of the asset, but also the environmental conditions and forces within which that asset is operating. Examples include movement, temperature, moisture and volatile organic compounds.
With the Pathfindr platform, this can be achieved whether the asset is within the organisation’s facilities or outside.

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The benefits of RTAI

By understanding the location as well as the environment an asset endures, intelligent decisions can be made. Whether there are lifecycle, maintenance, availability or location challenges, Real-time Asset Intelligence allows organisations to optimise processes and use whilst at the same time reducing waste.

The Pathfindr difference

Real-time Asset Intelligence

Go beyond RTLS with real-time location, environmental, usage and process data. Minimise insurance claims and premiums.

Single view of your assets

Get a single view of work-in-progress and assets both indoor and outdoor, and globally, to aid resource optimisation.

Increased asset use, leaner operation

Optimise asset usage and minimise waste by eliminating unnecessary resource use and the associated cost.

Reduced loss and scrappage

Improved efficiency, and a precision location service means reduced loss as well as lower energy and emissions.

Increased velocity / just-in-time

Greatly reduce ‘time to find’ by locating orders, parts, fixtures and tooling, ensuring items are available when needed.

New digital business models

Use data accessibility to drive recurring (subscription) income-based revenue models.

The Pathfindr Real-time Intelligence platform

The Pathfindr platform comprises a front-end array of sensors, which find out the location and environmental conditions experienced by the asset. This is connected to the cloud via our low-touch GPS network. Data and insight can be accessed through desktop and mobile portals as well as our proprietary API.

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