Real-time Asset Intelligence platform

The Pathfindr Real-time Asset Intelligence platform is designed to shine a light on even the most remote industrial processes. Whether in-facility or globally, assets can be located, and their environment monitored 24/7, 365.

Simple to use, continuously improving

Our software has been created with user-centred design at its heart, providing an intuitive user experience for all.

Pathfindr software is made available for all our hardware products and can be accessed across desktop, tablet and our iOS mobile app.

We regularly release new and improved functionality, and encourage our customers to request new features for our software development roadmap.

Additionally, we provide a full API so your data can be easily integrated into existing and third party systems.

The Pathfindr platform

The Pathfindr Real-time Asset Intelligence platform links the physical and digital worlds. It deploys a series of situation specific sensors, linked via the Pathfindr proprietary network to our cloud application. There the insight can be accessed through desktop or mobile portals or linked to an ERP/MES via our RESTful API.

Key features and benefits


Our platform is built to the latest standards and is independently penetration tested to ensure data integrity and security.

Free for life updates

Our simple and fair pricing model ensures support for the latest hardware and software versions are always available at no extra cost.

Unlimited users

No complicated software licenses. Unlimited user seats, tracking activity and assets with a simple and fair pricing model.

Simple configuration

Buildings, zones, tracker hardware modes, users, roles and permissions can all be self-managed via the Pathfindr portal.

Open approach

We are proud of our agility and openness. We welcome feature and change requests and will make them happen fast.


Our secure APIs provide all the data and connectivity you require. We can also build custom connectors for MES, ERP and others.

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