Protect Your Assets with GPS Tracking

Protect Your Assets with GPS Tracking

Nobody likes losing things or misplacing them when they need them most. This goes doubly for businesses whose misplaced assets can literally halt production lines and cause bottle necks. Nowadays, efficiency is the name of the game. 

Businesses across various sectors are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations, reduce waste, and enhance productivity. Within day-to-day logistics, warehouses, and factories, asset management is crucial, and mismanagement of those assets can result in significant time and money losses. 

One solution emerging at the forefront of asset management is GPS asset tracking. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits and uses of our GPS asset tracking system in warehouses, during transportation and in factories, focusing on its real-world value.

The Challenge of Asset Misplacement

Warehouses and factories are constantly shifting environments where assets, ranging from equipment to products, can be moved about a lot. As these assets transit from one place to another, tracking them can become a considerable challenge. Misplaced assets can result in delays, downtimes, and unnecessary expenses in locating or replacing them. These challenges underline the need for an effective solution to keep tabs on assets at all times without sending a search party.

GPS Asset Tracking: A Quick Overview

Our GPS tracking solution is designed to tackle those exact challenges faced by warehouses and factories. Leveraging GPS technology, it allows businesses to get real-time data on the location of their assets. But beyond mere location tracking, the system offers valuable insights and analytics, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions – including an asset’s environmental surroundings (Temperature and humidity), whether it has experienced any impact (been hit or dropped) and if it has been moved at all.

However, all of this is fine, but what does that mean in real world applications?

Benefits of Using Pathfindr GPS Asset Tracking

1. Real-time Asset Visibility: One of the foremost advantages of Pathfindr’s GPS asset tracking is the ability to view the location of assets in real-time. This instant visibility can dramatically reduce the time spent searching for assets, resulting in faster operations and reduced downtimes.

2. See Assets True Usage: By tracking assets, such as expensive tooling or machines, you will be able to see their actual usage rather than their perceived usage. This is very important if an asset is used between multiple locations and the cost of purchasing a new one rather than constantly shipping it to a new location becomes better a prospect.

3. Data-driven Decision Making: By providing analytics on asset movements, Pathfindr enables businesses to identify patterns, inefficiencies, or bottlenecks. This data can be invaluable in optimising asset movement, reducing transit times, and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

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4. Understanding Dwell Time: If you have assets that are spread about locations and often get forgotten (stillage cages that are left to rust due to misplacing) the GPS tracker allows you to see how long that asset has been sat in its current location and the environmental factors around it. 

5. Theft and Misplacement Prevention: An untraceable asset is more prone to theft or misplacement. With GPS tracking, assets are always ‘visible’, discouraging unauthorised movement and ensuring rapid retrieval if misplaced or lost.

6. Improved Inventory Management: By integrating GPS data with inventory systems, businesses can achieve a more accurate view of their stock levels and locations. This enhances inventory accuracy, reduces the need for buffer stocks, and aids in just-in-time inventory practices.

7. Cost Savings: The cumulative effect of reduced search times, improved efficiency, and better inventory management directly translates to cost savings. By minimising asset loss and enhancing operational speed, businesses can achieve a better ROI on their assets.

How Warehouses and Factories Can Use Pathfindr

Locating Equipment: In large warehouses, equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, or specialised machinery can be hard to locate. GPS tracking ensures they’re always found promptly, reducing wait times.

Tracking Goods in Transit: For factories sending out finished goods or warehouses managing inbound/outbound logistics, GPS tracking can provide real-time data on where goods are, facilitating better logistics management.

Monitoring Storage Conditions: Some of Pathfindr’s GPS solutions come equipped with environmental sensors. For warehouses storing sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals or perishables, this feature can be invaluable in ensuring optimal storage conditions.

Streamlining Maintenance: By tracking usage patterns, businesses can optimise maintenance schedules for their equipment, ensuring longevity and reducing unplanned downtimes.


Pathfindr’s GPS asset tracking presents a robust solution for warehouses and factories looking to optimise their asset management. In an era where every minute and dollar counts, such solutions are not just desirable—they’re indispensable. Through enhanced visibility, data analytics, and real-time tracking, businesses can navigate the complexities of asset management with confidence, ensuring efficiency, and maximising profitability.

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