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Billions of dollars are lost by engineering and manufacturing businesses every year through asset loss, waste, and inefficient and suboptimal processes. Much of this is as a result of lack of visibility both in-facility and whilst goods, parts and materials are in-transit worldwide.

Inefficiency is the scourge of businesses worldwide. The inability to understand where assets are, how long they’ve been there, and what conditions they have endured, makes effective management and problem resolution extremely challenging. This leads to waste, resulting in reduced velocity and profit, as well as negatively impacting the environment.


Things can’t be found or are in the wrong place:

  • Items are misplaced on premises or during worldwide travel.
  • Production processes suffer pauses because parts are not in the right place.
  • Tools are not available when required, causing needless delays.


The progress of assets through a process is vital to achieving efficiency:

  • Work-in-progress velocity is not maintained due to lack of visibility and control.
  • Respond to changes more quickly and get to market faster without hurting the bottom line.


The conditions assets endure determine usability and life:

  • Tools and equipment are serviced based on schedule, not actual use or need.
  • Materials decay due to poor lifecycle management.
  • Parts require rework due to substandard travel conditions and inappropriate protection.


Good business decisions require full visibility of assets:

  • Insurance and commercial claims are over-complicated as responsibility is blurred.
  • The necessary data required to evolve towards an Industry 4.0 offering is not available.

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