Pathfindr develops Smart Stillage with Lowe UK

Pathfindr develops Smart Stillage with Lowe UK

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology company Pathfindr has partnered with manufacturer Lowe UK to develop a Smart Stillage – aimed at avoiding lost time searching for assets within the manufacturing process.

The Lowe UK Smart Stillage provides real-time location, condition, and activity information through an online dashboard. This visibility means more efficient operations and logistics, fewer queries and product losses, and less wasted time.

The product uses Pathfindr’s GPS-enabled technology to locate the stillage, while onboard sensors measure ambient temperature and humidity as well as movement. This data is uploaded into the cloud using cellular connectivity as is presented in an easy-to-use online portal. The Smart Stillage Integrates with Lowe UK’s range of products with no wiring or network required and no complicated software licenses.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced Loss & Scrappage – Improved efficiency and a precision location service means reduced loss as well as lower energy and emissions.
  • Single view of your Assets – Get a single view of work in progress and assets both indoor and outdoor, globally, to aid resource optimisation.
  • Improved Customer Service – By knowing where things are, you can provide timely ETAs and prove deliveries.

Ben Sturgess, Chief Technology Officer at Pathfindr, said: “Every UK manufacturing employee loses 2.5 hours each week locating tools and components required for their roles. While it may sound a mundane issue, it has a profound effect on manufacturing organisations who rely on timeliness and efficiency to achieve that holy grail of increased productivity.”

“At Pathfindr we aim to give manufacturing organisations far greater visibility over their operations to support efficiency, increased productivity and data-driven decision making. Partnering with Lowe UK, we can offer a unique product that sits within our broader real-time asset tracking offering to reduce costly blind spots for manufacturers.”

Lowe UK Managing Director Janet Lowe said: “We are excited to be working in collaboration with Pathfindr on the smart stillage concept, bringing smart traceable modern solutions for ever changing problems for our customers.”

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About Pathfindr

Pathfindr’s award-winning Industrial IoT solutions provide customers with real-time insights into their assets and processes. From indoor and global tracking to environmental monitoring, Pathfindr’s consultative approach has helped transform businesses around the world. Pathfindr works collaboratively to continuously improve its solution and, with zero customer infrastructure required for its hardware installation, it is accessible to all.

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About Lowe UK

Since 1993 Lowe UK has been a preferred supplier of high-quality stillages, trolleys and material handling equipment to companies such as JCB, DHL, FedEx and IAE. We have become industry leaders in providing bespoke solutions and pride ourselves on the competitive edge our designs provide to our customers.

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