Pathfindr Develops Smart Low Viscosity Bins with River City Enterprises

Pathfindr Develops Smart Low Viscosity Bins with River City Enterprises

River City Piston Bins

Working in partnership with a leading piston bin and low viscosity bin (LVB) manufacturer River City Enterprises, Pathfindr can offer insights into the location, environmental data and fluid levels monitoring for grease bins, piston bins and low viscosity containers (LVC).  

River City Enterprises has been offering piston bins since 1986. The 400-gallon poly piston bin is now widely used in North America, Europe, and many other parts of the world for lubricating greases, automotive undercoatings, silicon adhesives, and other viscous products. 

Stewart Boal, President of River City Enterprises, brings his 35+ years of industry experience to the partnership, offering key insights into how the technology can be used and adapted to suit the wide variety of piston bins and LVCs

Stewart Boal - President River City Enterprises

The Benefits of Monitoring your Bins.

Prevent Misplaced Bins

End users often misplace their bins after they’ve been used, resulting in a lack of refillable bins available. This has a knock-on effect and causes supply chain headaches and an increase in costs for lubricant companies and customers. Our smart solution enables end users to know exactly where their bins are in real-time through an online portal. 

Automated Ordering

If not checked regularly, end users can run out of stock and this results in lubrication companies find themselves scrambling around trying to replenish stock. Our monitor immediately resolves this by automatically alerting you when the fluid level hits a certain threshold, then it can automatically start the replenishment process. 

Improve Customer Service 

By utilising the smart low viscosity piston bin solution, you will be able to improve your customer service and reliability, making you more competitive in the market. This can potentially help retain business and perhaps attract new business thanks to the enhanced offering you have. 

Smart IBC

Pathfindr’s Customer Solutions Manager, Alessandro Elia, said of the partnership: “Through our new partnership with River City Enterprises, Pathfindr is excited to bring the future of smart monitoring to piston bins and LVBs & LVCs. Leveraging Stewart’s extensive expertise and his team’s know-how, we’re not just enhancing technology but also extending our reach to new audiences. Together, we’re redefining innovation and connectivity, proving that great minds think not alike, but as one.” 

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