Our technology

Unlike many others in the space, our end to end technology is designed and built by ourselves. This means that efficacy can be maximised and any compatibility issues negated.

The Pathfindr platform comprises of a front end array of sensors which determine the location and environmental conditions experienced by the asset. This is connected to the cloud via our low touch GPS network. Data and insight is accessed through desktop and mobile portals as well as our proprietary API.

The Pathfindr platform

The Pathfindr technology stack

The Pathfindr technology stack is built with tried and tested technology melded together to create a highly flexible, low disruption yet robust platform. Sensors are housed within devices which provide connectivity via the relevant network back to the cloud based service layer. Insight is accessed through our proprietary desktop based and mobile portals as well as via as by our API.

Pathfindr Platform Stack

The core Pathfindr sensor set

The Pathfindr sensor set are housed within with our Beacon and GPS+ devices. The core sensor set includes location, moisture, temperature and impact. The data sample collection frequency is configured to balance granularity with battery life.


Using our GPS and Bluetooth/UWB networks we can locate assets to the required level of accuracy.


The temperature sensor will measure the ambient temperature between -50 and 200 degrees.


Improved efficiency and a precision location service means reduced loss as well as lower energy and emissions.

Movement / shock

Greatly reduce ‘time to find’ by locating orders, parts, fixtures and tooling - ensuring items are available when needed.


Use data accessibility to drive recurring (subscription) income-based revenue models.

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