Why Monitoring Your IBCs Liquid Levels with a Liquid Level Sensor is Essential

In industries that rely on Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for storage and transportation of liquids, maintaining optimal liquid levels is vital. However, traditional methods of monitoring IBC liquid levels can be cumbersome, time consuming and prone to errors. In this blog, we will delve into the pain points faced by businesses due to the lack of efficient liquid level monitoring, and how Pathfindr’s Smart IBC offers an innovative solution to revolutionise this crucial aspect of industrial operations.

The Problems of Inadequate IBC Liquid Level Monitoring

Lack of Stock Level Awareness

A common challenge faced by businesses is the lack of real-time stock level awareness. When the liquid levels are not accurately monitored, it can lead to unexpected stockouts, impacting cash flow and resulting in delayed deliveries to customers. This not only affects customer satisfaction but also disrupts supply chain efficiency.

Ensuring Over or Underfilling of Orders

Manual measurement methods, such as using measuring sticks or dip tubes, are prone to errors and inaccuracies. Overfilling an IBC can lead to costly wastage, while underfilling can result in incomplete orders and dissatisfied customers. Ensuring precise fill levels is essential for optimising operational costs and maintaining customer trust.

Reducing Human Error (The Measuring Stick Approach)

Relying on manual methods like the measuring stick approach – where someone goes around with a measuring stick and dips it into the liquid to get a reading –  introduces human error into the process. This can lead to inconsistent readings, miscalculations, and ultimately, incorrect decision-making. Eliminating human error in liquid level monitoring is crucial to ensure smooth operations and accurate data-driven decisions.

Accessibility Issues Involved with Measuring Fluid Levels

In many industrial settings, IBCs are placed in remote or hard-to-access locations. Physically checking liquid levels in such situations can be time-consuming, hazardous, and even impossible in certain cases. A lack of visibility on liquid levels in these IBCs makes it challenging to respond promptly to potential issues or plan for replenishment effectively.

Square IBC tanks

How does a Smart IBC work? 

Our Smart IBC radar device is attached to the exterior top surface of the IBC. The radar sensor measures the volume of material in the IBC by bouncing a signal to the liquid level and back to the monitor. 

The Smart IBC then uploads that data to an online portal, where you can see the levels of all your IBCs with a Smart IBC monitor attached. The data can then be monitored to show average lifetime cycles of products, whether your liquids are suffering from evaporation due to temperature changes, or how often they are needing to be refilled during a set period. 

Smart IBC

Why does a Smart IBC (Liquid Level Monitor) matter? 

Real-time Stock Level Awareness

The Smart IBC comes equipped with a highly accurate liquid level sensor that provides real-time data on the current stock level. This visibility enables businesses to track stock levels remotely, ensuring timely replenishment and preventing costly stockouts and delivery delays.

Precise Fill Level Management

By leveraging Pathfindr’s Smart IBC, businesses can eliminate the risks of over or underfilling orders. The sensor’s accuracy ensures that each IBC is filled precisely, optimising resources, and reducing wastage, leading to increased cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Minimised Human Error

Say goodbye to manual measurement methods and the errors they introduce. With the Smart IBC’s automated liquid level monitoring, you can rely on consistently accurate readings, empowering your team to make informed decisions based on reliable data.

Remote Access and Monitoring

The Smart IBC’s wireless connectivity allows businesses to access and monitor liquid levels from anywhere, even on hard-to-reach IBCs. This remote monitoring capability enhances operational efficiency, saves time, and eliminates the risks associated with physically accessing difficult locations.


The Smart IBC Portal

All the data from your Smart IBC monitors is uploaded to a dedicated online portal that not only shows real-time fill levels, temperature, and location, but also historical data, allowing you to better plan usage forecasting, see your IBCs location history and monitor temperature changes.

The portal can be accessed online through either desktop or mobile, allowing you around the clock monitoring of your IBCs remotely, even during your closed hours. 

Monitoring the liquid levels in your IBCs is of utmost importance for seamless industrial operations, cost optimization, and customer satisfaction. Traditional methods that rely on manual measurements are prone to errors and can lead to significant challenges for businesses. However, with Pathfindr’s Smart IBC solution, these pain points become a thing of the past.

Embrace the power of real-time liquid level monitoring, precise fill level management, and remote accessibility with Pathfindr’s Smart IBC. Elevate your liquid level monitoring capabilities, streamline operations, and unlock new levels of efficiency and success for your business. Invest in Pathfindr’s Smart IBC today and witness the transformative impact it can have on your industrial operations.

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