Industries we serve

At Pathfindr we are proud to provide real-time asset intelligence that optimises processes and improves effectiveness in a number of industries, globally.

The Pathfindr Real-time Asset Intelligence Platform can be applied to most industries who need to make, move or monitor physical assets whether in-facility or globally. 


Our smart Real-time Asset Intelligence platform is ideal for fast-paced industries such as aerospace. Seamless integration with legacy systems where necessary, with an otherwise wireless approach, means easy adoption for every organisation.

aeroplane in hanger


Our agile solutions are ideal for Just in Time (JIT) industries such as automotive, where getting the right asset to the right place in the right condition is paramount. Our easy-to-install infrastructure means customers can be benefitting from the insight provided in super-quick time.


By its nature, assets are often spread far and wide in energy sector operations. In these circumstances it is vital to ensure full visibility of those assets in order to gain full operational effectiveness. The Pathfindr Real-time Asset Intelligence platform provides that visibility.


The pressures of the defence industry are unlike any other. The nature of the customer and the output create unique efficiency and time strains. The Pathfindr Real-time Asset Intelligence platform means that assets can be made, moved and monitored with full visibility.


Rapid advances in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and data are reshaping the manufacturing industry. This means that manufacturers must innovate through technology leadership, data analytics and building new business opportunities.


Pathfindr’s Global Tracking solution allows users to track the location as well as the environmental conditions of any asset, worldwide. The GPS+ device seamlessly links to additional sensors to ensure full visibility of the assets in transit.

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