Global asset tracking

Using the Pathfindr GPS+ tracker, assets can be tracked and their environment monitored worldwide using the Pathfindr Global Asset Tracking solution. This means that beyond the facility door, the location and the condition is known and can be managed.

Cost-effective Global Asset Tracking

Most companies have assets that travel off-site and across borders. Often they are lost or go missing for long periods of time. Pathfindr solves this with the GPS+ Tracker. This provides accurate location information as well as environmental and potentially usage data. The GPS+ Tracker can be used for a wide range of applications. It is fully customisable to include additional sensors for specific use cases.

How Global Asset Tracking works

The Pathfindr Global Asset Tracking solution uses a combination of our Asset Beacon and our GPS+ tracker to create a global tracking network. This allows the user to monitor their assets’ location as well as environmental conditions, wherever they are in the world. 

Global Asset Tracking

Key features and benefits

Accurate location

Asset location reported using accurate GPS or cellular locate as a fallback. Frequency of location post configurable for each asset.

Long battery life

Every aspect of our trackers has been designed and optimised to conserve energy so they can last several years on a single charge.

Low cost

Our trackers are the most competitively priced available with no costly roaming fees. One low price no matter where on earth they go.

Global coverage

We know your assets could end up anywhere. Our tracker provides data connectivity in over 99% of countries to give you peace of mind.

Extended data

Location, usage, vibration and environmental data as standard. Our tracker can connect to external sensors and has expansion ports for customisation.

Software and API

Use Pathfindr’s intuitive software to manage your trackers or access our extensive API to integrate the data into your own systems.

Uses for our global tracking

  • Global GPS asset location tracking
  • Equipment activity monitoring
  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Service life tracking and alerts
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Operation and handling enforcement
  • Fleet management
  • Hire and plant equipment security

Data is presented through the web portal

Sensor data is uploaded to the Pathfindr cloud and made available to users via the Pathfindr portal. Displays include location, moisture, temperature and impact. 


A primary function of Pathfindr MOVE is to provide live physical world location data for assets.


Realtime and historic data logging for temperature and humidity conditions e.g. sampled over the day and transmitted daily

Impact & movement

Threshold can be set for impact on any axis. Estimate of actual impact strength in logged with timestamp and broadcast. Instant notification of impact can also be activated.

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