Real-time Asset Intelligence: Technology Webinar

This is the first in a series of three webinars, based on our Buyer’s Guide to Real-time Asset Intelligence. In this webinar we explore the benefits of RTAI over previous approaches as well as look in detail at the underlying technologies.

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Real-Time Asset Intelligence (RTAI) is one of many Industrial IoT innovations to hit the market in recent years. But how is RTAI different from existing technology like Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) or Real-Time Asset Monitoring (RTAM)? What benefits does it bring and what challenges are there in deploying a RTAI solution?

This three part series explores these questions and more including;

Session one: What are the benefits and the technology options?

Session two: What should I consider when selecting and implementing an RTAI solution?

Session three: What are future trends? How do I ensure my selection is future proof?

We will be joined by industry experts and customers who will give their unvarnished view of RTAI to help you make more effective implementation decisions when selecting a solution.